Weekend Market ” chao fa variety”

Weekend Market
Phuket’s Weekend Market is a veritable hive of activity and bargains. Also known
as the ‘Talad Tai Rot’ (car boot market) its nickname is an indication of just how
diverse the goods for sale here are. A smaller version of Bangkok’s Chatuchak market,
items range from handicrafts to clothing, fashion accessories, DVDs,
electronics, shoes, religious images, soft toys, watches and jewelry –
in short just about everything you can imagine. The market is divided into two sections –
covered and uncovered but be sure to wear sensible footwear here as in rainy weather things can get pretty slippery underfoot.
Chao Fa West Road outside Phuket Town (saturdays and sundays 16.00 – 22.00 pm ) _MG_4627

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